Have you ever considered taking a short term missions trip?  Have you heard stories of blessing and revival in a foreign land and wanted to participate?  Do you feel like God might be calling you to step out of your workaday world to live the adventure for Him?  We would encourage you to take a look at our Mexico ministry trip program with a willing heart and open mind.  It may solidify some of your ponderings.

David Caldwell, founder of Camps International, grew up on a dairy farm and never thought that missions were for him.  Fully engaged doing ministry in his local church, he felt that he already had enough on his plate.  But, over the course of many years, God gently called him to step out of his comfort zone.  A critical moment in Caldwell's life was when a friend told him, "God will never ask you to do something that is not in your own best interest."  So, when Caldwell finally decided to go on a short term ministry trip, it turned out to be revolutionary.  "It changed my life," he says.  And that's why he encourages as many people as possible to take the plunge: "Go on an intentional ministry trip somewhere and see what happens."

Los Domos training camp in Michoacan Mexico is the perfect place to take your first, tenth, or thousandth mission trip.  The atmostphere is warm and hospitable, the people are friendly, and the Mexican culture is wonderful and fascinating.  Los Domos is a safe place removed from distraction where counselors who love Jesus receive training so they can better minister to kids.  Christian camps use a super means (counselors) to reach open and receptive hearts (kids).  At no other time in life, statistically speaking, does one so easily grasp truth as during childhood.  The combination of camp and kids is a winner!

Michael Teoli, Ministry Assistant for Camps International, was at first hesitant about coming to Los Domos.  "I felt like I had too much going on already," he said, "and I wasn't very excited about leaving my hometown."  But when he actually came down to Los Domos, he realized that his initial reluctance was mistaken.  "The experience was beyond words!  Not only did it open up my eyes to workings of God in Mexico, but it gave me a new zeal to share my faith, and a new heart to pray.  I will never be the same again, and I think it was one of the best things God helped me to do!"

What about you?  The need is great.  There are so many Mexican children without Christian influence in their lives.  A ministry trip is a powerful way to be an example even if you can't speak the language, even if you feel insecure, even if you have never done ministry before.  As Caldwell says, "Ministry trips are for serious Christians who want to serve God but are still experimenting with how that will look.  In the safe, fun environment of helping with Christian camps, you can reach out across the cultural barrier and be a loving influence in a child's life."

Does this interest you?  Please feel free to fill out our online questionare, read further details on our website, or contact us for more information.  

See Short-Term Mission Opportunity Sheet and take action.

Testimony of one who went on a short-term missions trip: Consider

Virginia work team visits Mexico (2006)



Before you pack your bags, you must:

  • Obtain contingent acceptance based on completion of on-line assessments and surveys. Submit registration fee at this time.
  • Sign (and have notarized) a release form and mail to Camps International.
    Minors must also have forms signed by parent/legal guardian.
    This form must be properly filled out and be on file at Camps International.
    On-line Waiver
  • Have Hepatitis A vaccination and any other immunizations recommended for the area.
  • Have a current/valid passport. (Additionally, if under 18 and not traveling with both legal guardians, bring a notarized letter from guardian(s) stating permission to visit the country.)
  • Make timely deposits of funds and donations to cover supplies, building materials, housing and food, projects and trip costs.
  • Have some type of health insurance coverage for traveling to the country.


In planning your trip please consider:

  • Put in writing your defined purpose for making the trip.
  • The recommended age is eighteen or older due to the rigorous pace and diversity frequently encountered during the trip.
  • For work teams: physical ability to work in an unfamiliar environment such as a different elevation, different level of humidity and/or rugged terrain.
    The work at a campsite requires stamina.
  • Take time to prepare a polished three-minute testimony in writing that centers on the change Christ made in your life.
    Have it translated and memorize it in the target language.
  • Determine what projects you intend to tackle. Plan and prepare necessary elements so you will finish the intended tasks. Project ideas.
  • Determine a follow up plan: How will you communicate your trip to others? What continuing projects will you undertake?


A trip of this magnitude is a major investment. Count the costs.

  • $12/day for food, $8/day for housing. Your budget can be negotiable. Expect increased appetites. The cost of gas for getting food and supplies to a site may be significant. (Lack of normal refrigeration at a site may require frequent shopping trips.)
  • Funds to accomplish the projects you have chosen.
  • Funds to cover supplies, building materials, housing and food.
  • Funds for hotel during nights not spent at the campsite.
  • Gas money and spending money for a sightseeing excursion.
  • Transportation costs between countries.

Mexico: specifics and trip history of groups

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