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Start your own Christian camp.

Contact us for next available date. Training is done in Mexico at Los Domos.

Schedule outline:

Read about Steve and Hayley's training experience.

Starting Camps

Below is an annotated list of contacts made where there is interest in starting a Christian youth campsite.

Tampico/Cobo Rojo idea (on the CI website)

The “Verbo” denomination headquartered in Monterrey has a site that I have visited. They need assistance in developing land they own. They have had some CCI exposure. (on CI website-former version)

Mitch Martinez, a missionary in Dominican Republic, has invited us to start a camp there. (on a former CI website under development)

Minor assistance given to Pastors Culver to guide their church in developing a campsite on church property in NY after their visit to Los Domos

Campsite El Monte (location of the 2010 CCI-MX convention) has ordered two RYCCA cabins to extend their site so they can have program and continue construction. The cabins are build. Around $5K of funds pending.

Oaxaca camp: Cliff McCalister (CCI-MX missionary) desires that a team to raise funds and come to Los Domos to learn how to fabricate (by doing) the RYCCA cabin to use to begin to develop a 300 acre site. (See Cabin 4 Kids)

Cuba: CCI-MX is developing camp relations with church leadership. David Caldwell has an open door to go as a Mexican to help.

Abriham & Noemi Mosqueda Montiel in Mexico City: want to start their own camp/ they own the land/ visited in March/took photos of Los Domos/

Update on Steve and Hayley of Canada were trained at Los Domos  ~August 2009 for two weeks. They have named their camp Camp Living Water Oaxaca. Camping is something a little new there in Puerto Escondido as it is in so many places. The church body is involved and church leadership is asking good questions which will hopefully lead to more ministry.  Steve and Hayley have connected with CCI-MX. They are planning on being a part of the team for the August camp at Los Domos.

Yair de Jesus Cazares Velazquez / Iglesia Bautista Emmanuel de Morelia, Mich./ Interested in getting together to talk about CCI and camp resources / a visit to Los Domos will likely be the following step

Hope Academy Camp: Eurry & Cliff  /RD at Houghton College/Minister/ own 15 acres on a island in the Caribbean called St. Lucia/ 30 minutes from the capital/ no Christian camp on the island/ they are asking for our help to start a camp/ we have had a 1st phone interview/ on-line survey has been filled out / connect to Bruce (who knows us and is a missionary rep on campus) has been suggested / training at Los Domos has been mentioned