" 'People are our most important resource:' When this is true, it is a very healthy and positive value for an organization or agency to hold. People are in a totally different category from all other resources which an organization has to work with. They are the most valuable and enduring asset. Thus, they should never be treated as utilitarian objects. Other assets, such as machinery, networks, and knowledge exit to equip the persons who carry out the vision and goals."


"An organization exists to achieve certain goals. People join the organization because they share in those same goals, and even "own the goals," investing their life energies in the achievement of those goals. Workers are not simply appendages to the organization, as one of many resources; they are an integral part of it. Without people the organization dies! Because they form the fabric of an organization, they deserve to be treated with respect, and to be highly valued." pg 225 Global Servants - Cross-cultural Humanitarian Heroes Vol 2, Lois A. Dodds, Laura Mae Gardner 2011

We gather around around these purposes:

-- our most fundamental purpose is to challenge others to equip themselves so they can tell many about God's plan of salvation through His son Jesus

-- to develop leadership in the local church through the training and testing of the camp counselor

-- to choose and train the counselors well so that 1) children are blessed and so 2) that their experience lifts them to serve better in the local church

-- to provide, improve, utilize places so that camp can happen

-- to script program and engineer place (facilities) so camp is available to more people