Most Needed

Below are areas of need. 

  • Water project at Los Domos
    Water Project

    Water is a precious resource that is needed in the camp scene. The present phase of this project is to connect and bury over 600 feet of 2" pipe that connects a lower tank to an upper tank (10,000 liters). 

  • Camp Kitchen
    Camp Kitchen

    A kitchen is needed at Los Domos. Tarps sort of work during rainy season but a real roof would be so much nicer. And walls too. Oh, and let's not forget a permanent floor instead of the sawdust one we have now.

  • Car Project
    Car Project

    Need for a pastor in Mexico - Funds to buy a used car. ( Or: donate a vehicle from the states: it must be at least five years old (and not more than 10 years old), with a VIN that starts w/ a number-not a letter -- dictated by the laws and agreements between Mexico and the USA.)