RYCCA (pronounced "ree-ka") or Retiros Y Campamentos Con Aventura A.C. is a non-profit organization formed to establish Christ-centered camps throughout the country of Mexico. RYCCA carries out CI's strategies in Mexico. ("Retiros Y Campamentos Con Aventura" is translated "Retreats and Camps With Adventure").

The RYCCA camp is governed by an all-Mexican, Christian board of directors.

RYCCA provides academic teaching and practical experience for those considering ministering to children in the role of camp counselor. Tranining is designed to enhance one's ability to develop discipling relationships and better utilize group settings. RYCCA seeks to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ through trained counselors using the media of Christian Camping.

RYCCA is a member of Christian Camping International - Latin America/Mexico.

Camp Loma Genesis

RYCCA would like to purchese land for a boys camp near Loma Caliente. The cost for the land is about $90,000.