Funding Projects

This page shows the funding projects that are found on other pages of the Camps International website. (No particular order.)

A pleased donor - Shopping at the CI website


"I had a great time buying things on the CI website for kids in Mexico. You
really know what your money is going into and how much you can help
these kids. And it's so easy to do." - Leighanna

  • Inside of RYCCA cabin for eight.
    Purchase towards -- cabin area

    A 5.5 meter diameter RYCCA cabin has 261 square feet of floor area. Partner in building a kids cabin by giving funds for each of the square feet of cabin area.

  • "Kid's Carpet" around activities.
    Kids Carpet

    Soften the blow when kids fall down. $10 buys a pick-up truck load of sawdust, delivered to Los Domos. The "carpet" is placed around camp paths, activity stations, tables and benches.

  • Shower house paint.
    Shower House Paint

    To give the eight stalled shower/latrine hybrid greater longevity we painted it with fiberglass rosin and marine paint. On average each liter (quart) is about $12.50.  

  • Cook house block.
    Cook House Block

    The cook house is a shelter for groups to make and serve meals to their own group. There are 553 solid blocks in the retaining wall and 401 patio blocks on the floor. The average cost for 40 of these blocks is about $24.

  • Bunk access rope

    Kids love getting into their RYCCA Cabin bunk using this rope. The same rope is used for challenge course activities and the classic tug-of-war....

  • Boys Camp
    Boys Camp at Los Domos

    This event hosts orphan boys from the state capital, Morelia. All Mexico and USA staff are volunteers. 

  • Jump Rope
    Jump Rope

    Set of 11 jump ropes of varying length to accommodate children of all sizes. 

    The activity is used to teach about fitness, heart rate and then on to the spiritual condition of the human "heart".

    Each set of ropes is to be delivered to and left with a different camp site to encourage their development.

  • Archery

    Archery is a classic sports activity for camp because kids love it! They learn a skill and the discipline of using an instrument that is more than a toy. Give an experience that they won't get at home in the city.

  • Tug-of-War

    18 meters of 1" rope for cabin groups to pull on. Each rope goes to a camp location for keeps. 

  • Site Grant
    Site Grant

    Help boost camp installations with components that improve the dynamics between counselor and child.

  • Water project at Los Domos
    Water Project

    Water is a precious resource that is needed in the camp scene. The present phase of this project is to connect and bury over 600 feet of 2" pipe that connects a lower tank to an upper tank (10,000 liters). 

  • Camp Kitchen
    Camp Kitchen

    A kitchen is needed at Los Domos. Tarps sort of work during rainy season but a real roof would be so much nicer. And walls too. Oh, and let's not forget a permanent floor instead of the sawdust one we have now.

  • Car Project
    Car Project

    Need for a pastor in Mexico - Funds to buy a used car. ( Or: donate a vehicle from the states: it must be at least five years old (and not more than 10 years old), with a VIN that starts w/ a number-not a letter -- dictated by the laws and agreements between Mexico and the USA.)

  • Web work
    Web Work

    Funds for website development. Honorarium.