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Some of the places we go to help start camps are very limited in their means. Your gift to them in the way of giving an activity to them to use for working with children is very meaningful. See the page -

Camp Activities


Some locations that are used as a place to have a camp event are not really equipped. The site lacks some of the distinguishing characteristics of a place to play, to worship and to learn. Help us help them to enhance their facility so that it is disposed to kids. See the page -

Site Grant


Los Domos is hosting camp events. However, the water system is incomplete. There are a number of phases yet to develop. We have posted the next project segment for your consideration.

In addition, the Caldwells have a particular need that they are sharing on the following page -

Most Needed


  • Water project at Los Domos
    Water Project

    Water is a precious resource that is needed in the camp scene. The present phase of this project is to connect and bury over 600 feet of 2" pipe that connects a lower tank to an upper tank (10,000 liters). 

  • Camp Kitchen
    Camp Kitchen

    A kitchen is needed at Los Domos. Tarps sort of work during rainy season but a real roof would be so much nicer. And walls too. Oh, and let's not forget a permanent floor instead of the sawdust one we have now.

  • Car Project
    Car Project

    Need for a pastor in Mexico - Funds to buy a used car. ( Or: donate a vehicle from the states: it must be at least five years old (and not more than 10 years old), with a VIN that starts w/ a number-not a letter -- dictated by the laws and agreements between Mexico and the USA.)