Camps International: Climate

Central Mexico: Today's weather in Acuitzio, Michoac√°n (near Morelia)

Temperature varies greatly in relationship to altitude, the higher the
altitude the cooler the air temperature. Coastal areas are hotter and often
humid. Areas in mountainous Central Mexico have brisk mornings and warm/hot

The primary seasons are rainy season and dry season. Rains start gently
every few days for an hour or so around the last week of May-first week of
June. The frequency and amount of rain increases to nearly every day for
about two hours. By September the rains taper off. November through May see
only an occasional rain.


Sunscreen is recommended. Drinking lots of fluids, keeping to
the shade and wearing light colored shirts/tee-shirts can be helpful in
dealing with the heat.

We do not recommend short pants.